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Gina is a published writer and speaker.

Her innovative lectures and workshops on creativity, artistry and vulnerability have been presented to graduating students at conservatories like New England Conservatory.


The Uncompromised Artist is a dynamic lecture-style workshop designed to inspire and guide young opera singers in maneuvering the music industry. We delve into the upsides and downsides of social media as a business platform, debunk preconceived notions about an opera career, and highlight the importance of carving your own unique pathThis workshop is designed for 5-50 students.

The Uncompromised Artist
                               Come as you are.

Melody Meet
                       Beginners immersion into music.

We all know a "hidden creative". Melody Meet is a weekly musical workshop local to DE and PA catered to those who love music but have little to no formal experience. They are immersed in a crash course of all things music, including an introduction to beginner voice lessons in a group (with the potential to take 1:1), anatomy and movement, active listening to all styles of music, and all things creativity. This workshop is designed for 7-12 participants. 


Fraternity Foodie
                                                Episode 458

Gina joins Michael Ayalon, founder of Greek University to talk about creativity, her latest projects, and how they relate to those who don't necessarily identify as "creative." She offers concrete tactics that she uses in her workshops to access creativity in a world that, on the surface, doesn't seem to foster it.

Perfect for those looking for something more outside of their 9-5, closing the session with the concept that "we are inherently creative because we exist."

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