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Want to turn your event into something unforgettable?

Bring live music to your home. 

Have you ever heard the power of the operatic voice in your own living room?

Book Gina for your next party.

Why book an opera singer?
Perhaps you love opera (which is reason in itself!). Perhaps you've always appreciated the whimsy of times past when singers performed in the salons of private homes. Or maybe you're just curious.
Either way, if you're trying to plan a unique event, the power of opera in the intimate setting of your own home is sure to be an evening to remember. Whether you're renting a hall or having a get together in your 500 sq ft living room, music is magic for any space.

What kind of events can I book Gina for?
Gina has sung at all types of events -- birthday parties, retirement parties, surprise parties, and get togethers "just because"! Scroll below to see photographs from some past events. 

How do I know if opera will be appropriate for the mood of the party?
Gina has an extensive list of repertoire that we can mix and match with you to come up with a program that is right for the occasion. Choose from a variety of opera, famous showtunes, classical art song, jazz standards, traditional holiday, and even Latin music like boleros and rancheras. Whether it is a party full of opera lovers or those who have never been to a live performance, we guarantee that you will recognize some of these tunes. 

You have the option to hand tailor a program alongside Gina, or describe your event and leave the planning to us.

What do I need?
Just a piano/keyboard and a room. Don't have a piano? We will transport a portable, weighted keyboard for an extra fee. Spaces for private house concerts have varied greatly from larger entertainment rooms to intimate living room set ups with folding chairs.

Gina has performed private house concerts for years all over the country, including homes like yours in Seattle, Santa Fe, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Delaware, Boston, and New York City.

What is the price?
A private concert with a tailored program to your event and in the comfort of your own home begins at $1,500, and ranges based on distance and travel, potential keyboard transportation, repertoire, etc.

Still curious?
Click here to book a free online consultation with Gina and see if it's the right fit for you.


Scroll to view examples of past events

Singing programs in intimate spaces where I can connect with people individually is my favorite way to perform. It allows for an intimacy that otherwise is impossible in the grandeur of opera houses. On top of that, it is a privilege to curate these custom programs and perform them because I am invited into a space where someone has made their life and home.

I would be honored to take part in making your day special!


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