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classically trained,  

empathetically minded

Being a multifaceted performer and human, Gina has extensive first-hand experience in building the voice, adapting to it's changes, and maintaining it's health. She understands that voice lessons must be as unique as the student and that everyone comes into the room with their own ranging abilities and goals. The student may not even be aware what their strengths are yet, but come as you are and we will uncover a few in just the first lesson.

One of Gina's strengths is creating a curriculum just for you, building onto the student's natural abilities in ways that are uniquely accessible. For example, some students may come in very nervous to sing, but we discover that they often write and journal in their free time. There is no one-size-fits-all method, but many times songwriting can become the vehicle to get that student closer to their singing goal.

Another example is that someone may come in for classical voice lessons, but we discover that they've always had a dream to sing more popular music with a band. Just like life suggests new paths for us, together we can choose to shift our direction temporarily or reassess our goal entirely.

In the past, lessons range from:

- full mentorship for those who would are highly considering a career in the arts

- creative play space for those looking for fun outside of their desk job

- absolute beginners who have always loved music but never explored it

tune ups for professional musicians

- and more

Instruction is based on bodily awareness, where through music we build a deeper understanding of our needs and how to articulate them. Singers have instruments in the throat and unless you went to a doctor to get a scope, we cannot see the instrument. This is why it can be so challenging to understand how to harness the voice. Good news -- the body is always sending signals as to what it likes and what is healthy for it, so through anatomy, your own awareness, and supervised instruction, you will achieve your goal.​​

Gina offers virtual and in-person lessons.

To inquire more about The Voice Studio or to schedule your free consult, please fill out the coaching form below:​​

voice lessons with Gina

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Some notes to consider.

Gina has her own private studio in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania where she teaches music and creativity to students of all ages.

She has been featured in the Huffington Post, where she published a featured article about her experience with joy and vulnerability in the creative arts.

Along with teaching voice in her studio, Gina is an artist-in-residence at Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary in Avondale, PA, where she teaches workshops on site alongside it's residents and created an innovative music therapy program with veternarian Dr. Rob Teti and brings classical and music and animals to detention centers.

She has her master's degree from Manhattan School of Music and credits her nervous system as the teacher who has taught her the most.​​



Carrie J, voice student

After living my entire life and believing I was tone deaf instructed never to sing, not even to my children, I found Gina online, read her story and decided I was going to give myself the gift of singing lessons. While I won’t be selling out any arenas in this lifetime, this was a personal discovery for me. Gina was kind and patient from the very start and her genius approach in vocal coaching gave me room and a safe space to find my voice and allowed me to discover I was not at all tone deaf but had a multi-octave range.
Who knew?
Find your voice. Sing with Gina! You’ll be so glad you did. 

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