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The Uncompromised Artist

Come as you are.


Pictured here with the students of New England Conservatory, 2024

The Uncompromised Artist is a dynamic lecture-style empowerment workshop designed to inspire and guide young opera singers in maneuvering the music industry. This interactive session focuses on authenticity and individualism within the industry, emphasizing that there's no one-size-fits-all path in music.


Many artists feel they have two selves, one that is their true self and one that masks to fit into what the world of opera asks of them. The Uncompromised Artist explores the concept that an artist is a complete human being full of complexities, and it is the marriage of the dichotomies that makes us a true artist.


We delve into the upsides and downsides of social media as a business platform and how it affects us, we debunk preconceived notions about the opera career, and we highlight the importance of carving your own path in music. By sharing Gina's personal journey and leveraging her influential Huffington Post article, participants will engage in written exercises to confront creative barriers and learn clear steps to nurture authenticity.

This workshop aims to foster a sense of community and equip artists with practical techniques to bolster their autonomy in their everyday life and in an arts career. We are encouraged to come as we are: our full humanity shapes us into the artists we aspire to be.​​​

"Gina teaches us to show up in our skin unapologetically, and it reminds me that I am supposed to be here making music too." 

- Nicky, workshop participant

To inquire about if this workshop might be a good fit for your classroom, contact us.

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