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Not a musician? Maybe you just like listening to music.

Not a "writer", persay, but you love to write?

Maybe you just like to paint for fun?

Struggling with taking yourself seriously as an amateur photographer?

Or maybe, you don't know what you like to do for fun... you just know that you need some.

You've come to the right place.

We all know that person who has been wanting to write a book for years now,



or that person who feels suffocated by work that isn't fulfilling,

or that person who has an artist brain and never honors it with play.

Maybe that’s you?

To say that these recent times have been trying and challenging to navigate for most of us would be an understatement. The slim silver lining is that many of us are starting to see what really "works" and what "doesn't work" in our lives. You may not yet know how to proceed, but you have definitely acknowledged that you can't continue as things are.

Good news! We have expanded our services to coach even "non-musicians" because joy and creativity are for everyone.

When someone brings up the idea of "creative coaching", you will most likely be met with your own inner resistance:

“What even is this?" "This is stupid.” "This is too 'crunchy' for me."

Maybe it sounds a bit abstract, but if this hit any nerve with you, I urge you to just try me.

You have been met with enough resistance in your life.

Don't let those thoughts be another block for you.

Those thoughts are to be expected because since we were children we have been conditioned to believe that any creative exploration is "fluff" on the outskirts of our 9-5 reality. 

In our 1:1 series of weekly/biweekly exercises and explorations, you will:

- see that the above isn't true

- understand why we become blocked in the first place

- start telling others what you want

- begin to believe that you're an artist (yes, you!)

- perhaps discover a love for something that you hadn't tried before

- find what "you are here to do"

- finally start writing that damn novel !!!

And don't be surprised when these "fluffy" creative techniques start bleeding into the rest of your life. Most people even have a better understanding of anger and shame, and interpersonal skills, making it easier to navigate day by day in your day job.


"In case you needed someone to give you permission to be silly... Oh, and to enjoy opera. 

This is my pre-practice ritual these days: BLAST some stuff that gets my mind and body going... after all, this aria says 'gioia' about 600 times. 

Thanks, Dame Janet Baker."

How my coaching works:

1:1 zoom calls

Face to face guidance

24 hour texting support 

I'm just a text away on the Voxer app for support, tips, and accountability

Materials and exercises for creativity and expansion

Materials you can access forever so you always have tools 

Individualized plan made for your specific goals in mind


Working at the Beach



30 mins, all you

- Talking 1:1 about whatever you want / need from the time.

Past calls have included all topics ranging from covering a specific creative blockage to how to be more authentic on social media. 



Let's take a deep dive together for 90 minutes, where you share your history, past and present, as we work to unblock the present, and create a plan for the future. This is for perfect for those who just need a bit of motivation or guidance to get back on track.

- 90 min in-depth consultation (we talk about your history, your goals, your struggles/plateaus)

- step-by-step action packet
- 2 weeks of texting with me on Voxer app (for daily support, tips, and accountability)
- the recording of our zoom consultation/lesson



In a series of private coachings we get to know your history in depth and create an ongoing maintenance plan. You have full access to me whenever you need for accountability, support, and tips.

- Face-to-face consultations and guidance via Zoom 
- 24/7 daily texting and voice memos available on Voxer app
- Customized creativity plan

- Long term support and priority


Other resources:

Favorites recommended for any singer, ranging from cold prevention, to the best neck support pillows, to suggested reads.

Note there are no scores listed. We recommend supporting smaller print businesses like

What really happens when we sing?

Have you ever seen a photo of vocal folds?

Here is the 411 on phonation.

Click for a free, downloadable PDF.

Warning: includes graphic image


Attached below are downloadable files of Gina's bio and headshot.

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