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I strive to bring authenticity and transparency to the forefront of opera.

The glamour and the prestige that are often associated with the career are only two colors in a vast kaleidoscope. 

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Post audition shoe change in Lincoln Center


I went straight from my small town of Wilmington, DE, to conservatory in New York City, to being a young artist for many years, finally to break through to being a professional musician. I spent most of those years (specifically the YAP years) not fully understanding the mechanisms of my own instrument, putting anyone who had more credits than me on a pedestal, and struggling with imposter syndrome; all with the crushing pressure of a back to back professional performing schedule.

I was too afraid to express these feelings, because I was told by mentors that if I did, other professionals in the business would think I wasn’t the “real deal.”

I dreaded practice because I wasn’t fully aware of how I was vocally producing what I was, and I was always left with the feeling that there was much more process to be done than progress actually happening.

Over time, one can start to forget the reasons why they begin this journey in the first place.

Sound familiar?

Or maybe you clicked here for voice lessons?

Either way, this is where I come into play.

Transparency makes us better artists. So do voice lessons.

I'm here to help with both.

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