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Our time is used with voice lessons at the forefront, while we can cover some other creative blockages you'd like to tackle. 

In my 10+ years of professional performing experience and coaching, below are just some of the most frequently covered things:

- The basics

The basics are covered for those at any age or level! An appreciation and joy for music are cultivated.

- Bel canto vocal technique and breath work

Understanding your own vocal mechanism and apparatus is a the forefront. "Become aware so that you can gain control, so that you can let go." (- David Okerlund)

- Foreign language and diction coaching

In classical music we often sing in 4 different languages consistently, however there are many more in the repertoire to learn and appreciate!

- Pre-college resources and how to prepare for music conservatory/school

We learn what materials you will need to prepare, prepare them at a high level, and cover what to expect during the experience. There is not only musical preparation involved, but much mental and mindfulness preparation.

- How to prepare recitals or a song

Preparation is catered to the wants of the individual, whether you're learning a new song to sing in the shower or you are preparing an entire recital! 

- Young artist program navigation

How to claim the power of your artistry.


Other resources:

Favorites recommended for any singer, ranging from cold prevention, to the best neck support pillows, to suggested reads.

Note there are no scores listed. We recommend supporting smaller print businesses like

What really happens when we sing?

Have you ever seen a photo of vocal folds?

Here is the 411 on phonation.

Click for a free, downloadable PDF.

Warning: includes graphic image

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